Our Philosophy


At Farrer Playschool our philosophy, values and practices are grounded in the belief that early childhood is a unique time, one to be supported, respected and celebrated. Emphasis is placed on providing an environment that is secure, warm, caring and positive, which is designed to complement the child’s home environment and provide optimum care and opportunity for development. Consistency and continuity are pivotal elements of our philosophy and operation, which we aim to promote through long term staff and a predictable daily structure and routines. 

We recognise the importance of promoting open communication with families, acknowledging that families provide the bridge between the Playschool and home through sharing information, unique skills and perspectives regarding their children. We value and encourage families to take an active role within our Playschool, and aim to provide a range of opportunities for families to participate and contribute. 

We acknowledge the uniqueness and potential of all children, believing that they are competent learners. We recognise that development in young children varies immensely and we strive to meet the individual needs and interests of each child within our care.